Visiting WELCA

We welcome visitors to the stable to see the horses, watch a lesson or event, and participate in our public open houses. The stable is open from 9am - 8pm every day of the week.  You are welcome to walk around the stable, have a picnic and go in the indoor riding arena to watch a lesson. During regular office hours, you may visit the historic Keillor log cabin where our administration office is located.  There is no cost of admission.

WELCA does not rent horses to the public, provide one-time rides or trail rides.


We ask that all visitors follow a few basic rules:

Do not feed the horses.

Our lesson horses tend to be older and most are on special diets. Feeding them grass over the fence encourages bad habits like pushing or biting AND for some may result in illness.

Do not pet the horses.

While it is very tempting to hold your small child up to a horse's face to pet them, please be aware that horses may bite. Little fingers look like carrots! Our horses are working members of our staff and we don't want them to learn bad habits that prevent them from doing the job that they love - teaching people how to ride.

Do not go in the horse pens.

Horses are easily spooked and being caught in a pen could result in serious injury to humans and horses.

Do not go in the hay shed or climb on bales.

Hay bales can easily fall and they are heavy. The average square bale is 50-75 lbs and a round bale between 1000-1500 lbs.

Do not go into barns.

The barns are for the horses that are boarded here. 

Do not let small children run around the yard.

WELCA is a busy place. There are horses and equipment on the move at all times. Staff and volunteers are not always on the lookout for little ones.

All dogs must be on a leash and under control.

No Smoking
WELCA is currently closed to the public during the COVID-19 Pandemic, please respect the safety of our horses and staff.