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Horse Boarding

WELCA is currently accepting boarders on a limited basis.


We do not take horses under the age of 4, stallions or pregnant mares. Clients with children under the age of 16 must supervise them at all times when they are at the stables.

WELCA does not have a horse trainer onsite. Please consider the needs of your horse - young horses require training and do best at a boarding facility that is able to offer consistent training from a qualified trainer.

We provide both indoor board (10x10 stalls) and outdoor board.

For people boarding their horse at WELCA, there is very limited indoor arena time available when lessons, camps and therapeutic riding programs are not in session.


There are a number of outdoor riding spaces available to WELCA boarders - including the City's multi-use trails, the show ground sand rings, and the outdoor arena.

WELCA has a herd health program managed by Lynda Tennessen in consultation with our veterinarian of record, Dr. Deb Carroll, of West Wind Veterinary Services. The mandatory program includes regular deworming and vaccination schedule, farrier service, and a 21-day isolation period upon entry.


Barn staff are on site daily from 6AM-10PM.

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