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We have a few different rental options depending on what kind of event you are planning- take a look below to learn more.

Showgrounds: All Facilities (Half or Full Day)

Includes: Use of Grand Prix grass rings, sand rings, fieldhouse, parking, utilities including water and power and maintenance of area during the event

Sandring Rental with Parking

Includes: Use of all sand rings with access to fieldhouse washrooms and parking for up to 50 vehicles. 

Grand Prix Grass Ring Rental with parking

Includes: Use of Grand Prix grass rings, power and parking for up to 600 vehicles

Fieldhouse Rental with Parking

Includes: Use of fieldhouse (meeting room with attached kitchen, washrooms, rooftop patio) and utilities including water and power, along with parking for up to 50 vehicles.

 Parking Only Rental

Includes: Use of gravel parking lot for up to 50 vehicles and grass lot for a total of up to 600 possible vehicles 

Additional Services

We are also able to provide additional services to your booking such as large bin rentals, equine interactions, additional washroom rentals and more.  contact us to learn more!

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Map of showgrounds.PNG
Map of showgrounds.PNG
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