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Horsemanship Lesson Program

Available Horsemanship Spots

Walk/ Trot Lessons

Beginner (Novice)

Wednesday  8:00am

Saturday 9:30am

Intermediate (Level 1)

Wednesday  10:00am

Thursday 2:30pm

Thursday 3:30pm

Saturday 8:30am

Saturday 6:30pm

Jackie JZ2_2651.JPG

Canter Lessons

Beginner (Level 2)

Monday 5:30pm

Wednesday  11:00am

Friday 7:30pm

Saturday 3:30pm

Intermediate (Level 3)

Wednesday  12:00pm


Jumping Lessons

Beginner (Level 3)

Monday 6:30pm

Intermediate (Level 3)

Friday 8:30pm

Riders in this program continue to develop skills learned in our Learn To Ride program and work towards the Equestrian Canada Rider Levels 1-4 (dressage and jump). Our focus is primarily equitation and education- we are a non-competitive barn. Lessons are 2 hours long: 1 hour in the arena riding 30 minutes before and after with the horse on the ground including catching, grooming, tacking, and untacking, grooming and turning out. 

This program runs from September-June with classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The price per month is $304.50 and includes one lesson per week.

This year we are starting Saturday, September 2, 2023 to Friday, June 21, 2024 with breaks from December 23, 2023 to January 5, 2024 for Winter, and March 28- April 3, 2024 for Spring. Our annual Fun Show will be June 22 and 23, 2024. 

Check out a basic outline of where you might fall in the levels as well as current openings in our program!

***Note that we require an evaluation ride ($80+processing fees) to see where your skills are at. To coordinate this, please email***


This is the first step into the program after completing a Learn to Ride. There is a very steep learning curve and we continue teaching topics that were introduced in the LTR. In order to proceed to level 1 we are looking for increased independence and skill developement

Level 3

At this point, you should have very good proficiency at the canter and are able to canter a course of poles with good rhythm, position, and control. The level 3 introduces riders to jumping. We would consider this level having  2 categories: Beginner for when you are just starting and Intermediate if you have some experience

Level 1

Once you have become more comfortable with horse handling and riding skills/knowledge we are able to increase the degree of challenge at the walk/trot. The goal of this class is to prepare you for the canter in level 2. Trot poles will be introduced and there is a higher expectation of proficiency. You will likely be riding a slightly more challenging horse.

Level 4

The level 4 is our highest level. In this class you should have excellent proficiency at all gaits with strong understanding and application of advanced aids. Riders at this level are expected to be heavily involved with horses and are pursuing additional knowledge on their own. Level 4 riders should be riding twice a week in lessons or leasing if possible. We would consider this the advanced canter or jump.

Level 2

The level 2 is where the canter is first introduced. We would consider this our beginner canter class where you are still learning control, position, and getting comfortable at the canter gait along with learning additional skills and theory. You will begin to learn skills to prepare to start jumping in the level 3

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